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Easy Integration

How Do Apps use it?

Supports Standard APIs.  No Application Porting Necessary.   Posix, Windows, Java and Native RTOS APIs are provided.

Does it run on my Platform?

Support for many mobile, desktop, and Embedded operating systems and network stacks.  No porting is necessary:   Includes: Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, ThreadX, NucleusPLUS, VxWorks, Integrity, QNX and more

How is it Licensed?

Unencumbered Licensing.  No restrictions on how software is built, installed, or distributed.  Royalty and Royalty-Free Licensing Available

Advanced Networking

Network Browsing

Integrated Network Browsing.  Find servers and shares anywhere on the network.  Browsing is built into the normal file APIs so workgroups, servers, and shares appear as directories in the network namespace.


Supports Enterprise Authentication, Message Signing, and Encryption


Support for multiple network interfaces, hot plugging, network discovery, and network failover.  Supports IPv4 and IPv6

Feature Rich

Development Environments

Supported within multiple development environments: Eclipse, Android Studio, Apple XCode, Microsoft Visual Studio, GNU autotools, Yocto Project

File Handlers

Available FUSE file handlers for Windows (Dokan), MacOS, and Linux.  Document Provider for Android.

Unified Namespace

Supports Implicit Mounting and Dismounting.  No separate network configuration, or share mounting required.  Leverages Universal File Naming

And More…

Many more features, too numerous to list.  ConnectedSMB is the product of years of refinement.  Insures reliability, feature richness, and performance. Designed to accelerate development.

What do you get with ConnectedSMB?  A lot more then an SMB Client.  Everything you need to deploy quickly on mobile and embedded targets.

Platform Abstraction Level

Provides Locks, Networking, Threads and other Platform Capabilities.

Network Browser

Provides File System View of Work-groups, Domains, Servers, and Shares.

Native APIs 

FileX, NucleusFILE, and other Native RTOS File APIs.

Portable Application Framework

Provides Message Handling, Strings, Time and Date an other.

SMB Client 

SMBv1 and SMBv2 Client Protocol Handling

Java Native Interface

Provides Shared Library and Java IO Implementation.

Event Driven Framework

Provides Real Time Event Driven  Scheduling

Virtual File System 

Universal File Name Parsing.   Provides Dispatching to File System .

Java IO 

Provides Compatible Java Classes for Applications

File System Handlers 

Native File Handlers, Bookmarks, Pipes, Mailslots.

SMB Server

SMBv1 and SMBv2 Server Protocol Handling

Configuration Manager

Dynamic and Persistent Configuration and NetBIOS Name Service


Provides Posix File API (open, read, write)

Android Storage Access Framework 

Native access to SMB clients and servers on Android


Provides Windows File API

Network Enabled Applications

Sample and Test Applications


Fuse File Handler for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux

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