Who We Are

RICHARD SCHMITT, President and CEO.  

Rich has been a software developer and entrepreneur for may nears.   Prior to Connected Way, Rich was owner and CTO of Blue Peach.  At Blue Peach, Rich developed the original Blue Share SMB Networking stack as well as the Blue Universe UPnP Digital Home stack.

Rich is an avid software developer and has developed embedded networking products for many companies.  These include wireless companies, SoC manufacturers, and Technology Consulting companies.

DR. KUMAR KOVALLI, Chief  Scientist.  

Dr. Kovvali has 40 Years Innovation & R&D experience in Clusters Storage, Wirelines & Mobile-Wireless Communications, Network Analytics/Data-science.  Hs experience includes, Software Engineering Assoc Fellow at Ribbon Communications, Co-Founder & VP Data-science at Anovadata, VP Technology at Movik Networks, Chief Scientist at BigBand Networks, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Coriolis Networks/Telsima Inc, Consulting Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. He has diverse experience in exploring new technologies, identifying value propositions in multi-disciplinary distributed systems, 

Dr. Kumar’s strengths include exploring emerging technologies, identifying opportunities and developing IP Portfolio.  He has authored over twenty U.S. patents covering Mobile Wireless Communications, Real-Time Distributed Analytics, Cross-Layer Optimizations, Subscriber QOE, RAN & Content-Aware delivery in Mobile Networks, Mobile Edge Computing, cloud offload, Self-Optimizing Networks and Metro Optical Networks.

Kovvali holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Kansas State University and a Master of Technology from I.I.T-KGP, India.

20 US, 5 Foreign Patents Awarded

4 US Patents in Process